5 Hobby Farming Tips

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Starting your own hobby farm is a great way to keep busy.  You can produce some food for the table and it can be a very rewarding experience.

Follow these three tips to get started on your own little farming project:


1. Keep It Small

No matter the size of your property or whether you are interested in livestock or agriculture, it is best to start out small. Think about what you can manage and then reduce it slightly. Always keep in mind that a hobby farm is meant to be fun and if you take on too much it will simply become hard work and not be as enjoyable.

2. Keep It Simple

If you are going the agricultural route, start with just two or three types of vegetables that are hardy and easy to grow. For livestock, get just one large animal or a 4 or 5 smaller domesticated livestock. In other words, 1 cow to produce milk should suffice or 5 chickens to lay eggs. Take the time to research the best way to care for your hobby farm dedicated to the agricultural products or livestock of your choice.

3. Make Room For Expansion

Always make sure that you have enough space to house, feed and nurture livestock as well as plenty of arable land for agriculture. Remember that animals and agricultural products grow and reproduce so make room to expand the farm as you need. There’re numerous online resources for hobby farming including barn plans, fencing, or building a chicken house.

4. Plans For Your Produce

If you are just planning to produce enough agricultural products for your own table, make sure that you schedule growth cycles so that you will always have fresh produce available. You can share any excess with friends and family or sell it at a local market to re-invest in your hobby.

You need to be objective with regards to livestock farming. As the animals reproduce you may need to make plans to give them away or sell them. At the start, you may be able to keep the new additions but as the number of animals increase, you may need to make alternative arrangements.

5. Expert Advice

Always ask for advice from other farmers and agricultural or livestock experts. They will be able to use their own experience and knowledge to further your own farming endeavor.

You can combine agricultural and livestock farming for a fuller hobby farming experience. Just remember to take measures to integrate the two while keeping them separate.

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